Konstanze Prechtl

Necklace "Flow" by Konstanze Prechtlnecklace "FunFan" by Konstanze Prechtlnecklace "Flow" by Konstanze Prechtl

“Colour plays an important role for me, like music or smells it triggers memories.
I collect colours and colour combinations as other people collect stones, flowers or little objects.
Through playful colours and haptics the wearer is invited to engage with the piece, creating new combinations along the way.
I work with textiles and wood in combination with digital prints as well as manually mixed colours, turning every piece into a mixture of intention and chance.”

Konstanze Prechtl studied jewellery-design at the Abendkolleg Schmuck-Design in Vienna and Applied Art and Design at HS Düsseldorf. She lives and works in Vienna.

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